Data Backups

Backup your data and busibess devices to the cloud

Disaster Recovery

Are you backing up your business documents?

Disaster can strick at any minute, whether that be accidental deletion of files or a rogue enployee who maliciously deletes files or a ransomware attack that will encrypt all your data.

Protect your personal and business documents with Cloud backup

Cloud Backup Control Panel


Backup Software that just works

Our inteligent backup software runs in the background on Windows Servers, Windows PCs and Apple Macs without you having to do anything.

Your files can be restored with the click on a button within minutes.

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How does it work?

Cloud Backup Features

Can we backup Microsoft 365?

Absolutely, our cloud backup solution can backup Exchange, SharePoint, OneDrive and Teams chats

Which devices can we backup?

Cloud backup software can backup Windows Servers, Windows PC and Apple Mac computers.

Document Backups

Protect your important Word, Excel, Powerpoint documents and more from ransomware and accidental deletion

Backup Frequency

With our inteligent backup jobs we can backup your data as many times per as you require.

Data Storage Locations

Your data is backed up to the cloud and a copy can be stored within your office giving you extra protection.

Restoring Data

In the event you need to restore a file, folder or an entire server it couldn't easier, with a couple of clicks we can restore your data.

Common Questions

Answers to your questions

No, all our clients based in Australia have their data stored within Australia.

Cloud backup supports unlimited ammount of data.

Absolutely, all backup data is encrypted during trasnfer to the cloud and at rest.